F55 Zahnheilkunde



Competence and friendliness in a family atmosphere - that's what we and our team stand for.

Our practice offers you the entire spectrum of modern dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics.

Even the little ones are welcome here.

F55 Angst vor dem Zahnarzt?

Fear of the dentist?

Talk openly with us about it. Together we will develop a plan to help you overcome your fear.

F55 Schöne Zähne

Beautiful teeth are a luxury?

That was once upon a time. With our financing options, everyone can afford a perfect smile.

F55 Schiefe Zähne? Korrigieren wir.

Crooked teeth?

Let's correct them. Misaligned teeth can be corrected discreetly at any age.

F55 Lange Wartezeiten? Gibt es bei uns nicht.

Long waiting times?

You won't find that with us. Thanks to good organisation, we are always there on time for you and your little ones.

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